kaky is dialogue

kaky is skill share

kaky is indian take-away and bad red wine.

kaky encodes and decodes, reconfigures and relates

kaky asks why, and why not?

How do I say "hello?"
Why does he look? / Why doesn't he?
What are you thinking?
life's most basic, but perhaps, hardest questions?

Perplexed by these questions, Minka and Kyle decode the the visual, social and psychological framework; they attempt to recombine the data which disrupt the accepted terms of consumption and re-frame the essential problem.
Together, but individual, collaboration at a distance, they try to build an aesthetic.

These are their stories:

Every Epic Has an Origin.

That void, the studio, the simultaneous representation of condemnation and promise. Marooned in this isolated fortress, with only the view from the begrimed skylight to indicate the passing hours, the two began their dance with that fickle master, Art. Bits of yarn, paint, and the fragments of thought were fated to transform the forsaken space and the occupants within. They would join forces to oppose the tyranny of willful ignorance and ugliness.

KY-le Channing Smith
| likes crochet

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For The Guy (Detail)
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min-KA Stoyanova
| likes cyborgs

Standardized | attire: A Personal Elephant 2012
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Selected Video Excerpts: KAKY + Blake Peterson

Running Time: 10 minutes